"Each person in this photo is seeing different things and feeling different emotions. And each is valid for that person. The concept of multiple valid perspectives is a critical element of MAPS". ~ Dr Glenda Wilkes

Ask Dr. Glenda

What Will My Own Stories
Teach Me?

Once you have read these books, you will look at you own experiences differently and see that each one has multiple elements of learning in it. What these books give you is the foundation of your own stories that will help you begin to think methodically about your parenting.

Is There Such A Thing
As A Perfect Parent?

Absolutely not!!! No one, and I mean no one, is a perfect parent. There is no such thing. Parenting is a learning experience for you and the children in your life -- you are all learning together in a chaotic and changing situation. No two days are like. No two children are alike. No two situations are alike. But you can figure out a system that works for you. That is what these books are about.

Why Is Parenting So Confusing?

No one is an expert in parenting. We have no training for it. We learn by what was done to us as children. Maybe that was great and maybe it was not so great. Parenting is confusing because we are all novices at it.

What Are My Own Stories?

As you read the stories in these books, you will think of your own stories. What these books give you is a map for learning from your own stories.

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