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Each of us is so unique that systems that are “one size fits all” rarely work. In order to be relevant to everyone, they are simply too generic to be useful to individuals. That is why my work starts with YOU. It starts with your own stories. My first book, "Are There Really Clams in Clam Chowder", contains 46 short stories from my own family, with room beside each story for you to recall things from your own life that are meaningful to the concept in each story. Because your own stories is the best starting place for YOU, I am including a free copy of Clams with your order of "Stacking the Deck". Once you have really thought about your own stories, even the hard ones, then you will be prepared to understand and implement my Mindful Authentic Parenting System or MAPS.

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As you read the Seven Foundational Principles in MAPS, you will engage in simple Pre-Thinking exercises at the start of each chapter, and a few simple Post-Thinking exercises at the end of each chapter. There are spaces for you to write in your answers before moving on to the next set of ideas. You will be engaged on every page, because as your own stories emerge, you will be able to fit the elements of what you learned in those stories into your own system. It’s not my system that works for you — it’s YOUR system that works only for you.

This is not a “how” set of books. It is a “why” set of books. You will learn why being a mindful, authentic adult in the lives of children really can change the culture of parenting.

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What Others Are Saying:

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"Dr. Wilkes shines a light on one's subconscious, bringing to the forefront learned behaviors that are often hidden until they are put into practice. "Stacking the Deck" offers up a clear methodology, an awareness guide on how to parent in a more strategic and mindful manner. Well written and on point, it is a book that will support change and when applied foster better and happier familes. In the end, it makes a point that who you've been is not who you have to be."

Todd Loomis, Businessman

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"Effective parenting is a process — a work in progress, demanding patience. Stacking the Deck provides a way forward in the parenting endeavor — a glimpse that it is possible to parent in a more thoughtful way."

Jody McKeever, Psychiatric RN

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