Mindful Families Connect To Their Own Stories...

...the stories of both the individuals and the stories of the family unit. My work centers on connecting YOU to your own stories and giving you the tools to create mindful, authentic stories with the children you nurture.

Native peoples, for centuries, have held their cultures together with the oral tradition of stories. Today, media create our stories. MAPS will give you back both the ability and the desire to recall, create, and connect to the stories that are the foundation of who you are and who you want to be.

As you take back your ownership of your own stories, and see the importance they have for understanding who you are, you will immediately see the role you can play in creating the foundational stories for the next generation.

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Meet Dr. Glenda Wilkes, PhD

The Author of "Are There Really Clams in Clam Chowder" and "Stacking the Deck"

Dr. Wilkes combines the theory base of Developmental Psychology, from her 22 years of college teaching, with her practical knowledge of children from raising her own six children, and now participating in the margins of the lives of her 22 grandchildren.

Her two books, "Are There Really Clams in Clam Chowder", and "Stacking the Deck" are companion books that will guide you in recalling your own stories, and then using them to develop your own MAPS that are based on your own history.

You can create a mindful, authentic parenting system by reading and thinking about the ideas you will find here. You will create a system that works for you, based on your own history, your own goals, and your own circumstances. This is not a “how to” book. It is more of a “why” book. Why might you want to be more mindful? Why might you want to change from a guilt and shame framework to a logical consequences framework? And why is your own history so critically important in in framing your system?


Dr. Kevin Leman
Best Selling Author of
"Have A New Kid By Friday"

"Glenda is a narrator who has soaked up the details of her family’s adventures and recounts them with humor and insight. This is a book you’ll read again and again. It will cause you to recall your own childhood as well as give you new ideas for your own children."

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The Book:

Having a firm foundation in any element of life gives us a basis for building a strong and lasting structure. Whether it is a career, a home, a friendship, or a relationship with a child, we all set about creating the best foundations that we can.

This book is about seven principles that provide this kind of foundation in parenting. Why might these principles be important to you? Because, in a moment of stress, you will say or do the same thing your parent said. If you had perfect parents then you have no work to do — you can just rely on your role models. Most people, however, have some things they would like to do differently. How do you go about changing a behavioral pattern? You will learn that this can happen by becoming mindful. The ideas presented in my work give you a foundation for mindful, authentic interactions that will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

My goal is to disrupt mindless parenting!